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What is Polished Concrete Floor

One-time process, that is trendy, cost effective with zero downtime to install.

Concrete is one thing that's available in every single residential, commercial or industrial building. Factor in the superior durability and performance of concrete, and it's no wonder why retail, commercial warehouse, office facilities, and homeowners are turning to the appeal of these smooth, sustainable, easy to maintain, and high-luster floors.

Polished concrete is created by a multi-step process that includes mechanically grinding and honing the concrete and then polishing it using diamond discs to cut the surface of the concrete floor. Refined cuts are used to get the desired amount of shine and stone exposure.

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Benefits of rGV's Polished Concrete

Decorative polished concrete floors offer several advantages that other flooring materials can't match, particularly when it comes to durability, performance, and sustainability. With its clean and modern look, polished concrete is becoming the preferred flooring solution for commercial, industrial, and residential environments.

Durable and long lasting

At RGV Concrete stain we use concrete hardener when polishing your concrete. This makes your concrete slab more durable and less vulnerable to damage and heavy traffic. As the concrete slab is part of your building, it will not require replacing as other flooring options do.

Concrete Dusting

Unpolished concrete is usually porous, which results in concrete dusting when there is wear and tear. The dusting is essentially the concrete material breaking down in fine powder, which can be seen building up in cracks, seams, and dents. The dust is not only a nuisance and a health hazard, but can also affect the performance of delicate equipment and manufactured goods. Polishing your floors greatly reduces dusting and wear and tear.

Improve Reflectivity and Ambient Lighting

The reflective properties of decorative polished concrete floor maximize lighting in any space. Improved ambient lighting reduces energy bills, increases safety, and casts your facility in the best possible light. If you want to project a bright, clean and professional image in your office, restaurant, hotel, shop, or home, polished concrete is the floor to go to.

Cost saving

Using the concrete slab as your finished floor is more cost-saving than traditional flooring options. You don't require any floor covering materials, which reduces your maintenance cost substantially.

Easy to clean/maintain

With its smooth glass-like surface, polished concrete won't harbor any dust, dirt, or allergens, making it easy to clean, requiring only occasional damp mopping. Polished concrete flooring also eliminates the need for waxes or coatings as well as the associated labor, time, and expense of applying them. The glossy surface of polished concrete resists the marks of forklift truck tires and staining from oil and chemical spills.

Available in different colors and level of sheen

With the smooth, reflective surface of decorative polished concrete, you can choose the level of rocks exposed, the level of sheen (from satin to high-gloss), and even a ray of different colors.
Stains and dyes are the most popular application for enhancing already existing polished concrete.

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How RGV Concrete Stain Polish your concrete

Turn your dusty concrete slab, into a fabulous floor with zero downtime to install.

Almost any structurally sound concrete floor can be polished, no matter new or old. There are a few exceptions for new concrete floors, where the slab should be in place for at least 28 days, to ensure the concrete mixture has properly dried.

We start with mechanically diamond grinding the floor to reveal the stone in the concrete. We then do concrete repairs to fill in any cracks and holes.
After the concrete slab is repaired and the stone exposed, we make many passes over the floor using a variety of grits. We then fill up any remaining gaps and cracks with concrete grout, before finishing the first step with concrete hardener and allowing it to cure overnight.

Once it is cured, we move on to resin pads and begin polishing the concrete to the desired sheen using series of grits.
The final step is to clean up, apply a stain guard and burnish the floor.

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Areas we do Polished concrete

We do polished concrete floors all over Rio Grande Valley and up to Corpus Christi for large industrial and commercial polished concrete projects.

  • South Padre Island
  • Brownsville
  • Harlingen
  • Weslaco
  • Pharr
  • McAllen
  • Edinburg
  • Mission
  • San Juan
  • Rio Grande City

Where is Polished Concrete Good For

Because of its lifespan and durability, polished concrete is a preferred choice in commercial, industrial and residential areas.

Polished Concrete FAQ

Can I do polished concrete outside?

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Yes, you can. However, we do not recommend doing mechanically polished concrete, as it can be slippery outdoors.
The available option is grind and seal which comes in matte, satin and gloss finish. To learn more about our Grind and Seal, you can read here.

How do I clean polished concrete floor?

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It's best to use products recommended by your floor installer or any Ph neutral cleaners.  You should not use anything acidic to clean your floor with.

Can you polish any concrete slab?

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We can polish any concrete slab old or new, as long as it is structurally sound.
For new concrete, we require the concrete to be at least 28 days old.
For old concrete, there is some preparation involved, before starting the polishing process.
We first, grind the concrete, to ensure that all dirt, grime, oil and stains are removed. We also repair any cracks and holes in the concrete. If the concrete slab is extremely porous or soft, it might not be suitable for polishing.

What if my concrete is cracked?

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We patch and repair any holes, cracks or imperfections in the concrete slab during the polishing process.
This way it all blends in nicely with the rest of the floor.

Is polished concrete floor cold to touch?

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It certainly isn't a carpet, but it is not cold to touch like you might expect. Polished concrete floors have thermal mass properties, meaning the ability of the floor to absorb heat or cool during the day and release it slowly at night.

Is polished concrete expensive?

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The initial price of installing polished concrete might be higher than other flooring options, but with its 20+ years life spam, polished concrete is a lot cheaper in the long run.
The price for polished concrete depend on what kind of floor you want to create, what level of finish and the condition of the existing concrete. Why not fill in our FREE Quote form to receive a personalized estimate for your floor.

Can I do polished concrete in my garage?

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Yes, you can, but be prepared to clean and maintain your polished concrete almost on a daily basis.
You need to take the following into consideration.
Car tires track much more dirt, debris and sandy grit, which can grind off the shine over time. Tires can de-gloss the finish over time in the areas where they consistently roll over in and out of the garage.
Polished concrete stain guards break down if exposed to solvents or chemicals for a long period of time. If not maintained well they will loose their luster.

If you love the look of polished concrete, you can achieve similar effect with epoxy flake, which is more durable for use in car garages.

RGV Concrete Stain's Floor options

Not sure if concrete polishing is the right flooring option for you? Not a problem, RGV Concrete Stain specialized in different concrete floor solutions.

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